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Sister Eileen McCann, CSJ, Receives National Award

Sister Eileen McCann, CSJ, coordinator for Youth and Young Adults for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) received the National Catholic Youth Ministry Award from the Secretariat for Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM). The award was presented at the annual convention of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, held December 2-7, 2009, in the Cleveland Conference Center. The award is given to honor an individual who has made Asignificant contributions in youth ministry on a national level impacting the field of youth ministry and/or the NFCYM; a person who has influenced the national Church on behalf of the young Church and/or those who serve in youth ministry.
At the presentation of the award, Sister Eileen was described as follows: “Sister Eileen has served in three parishes as coordinator of youth ministry, often times while she was also serving in a diocesan role. Her dedicated service and leadership as well as her example and action enabled the dioceses and parishes within New York State to serve the young people of the Church effectively. In addition, her leadership as an NFCYM board member and her current service as a staff member for the United States Council of Catholic Bishops have greatly advanced the Church's mission to reach young people.”
“Since 1980, Sister Eileen has participated in national conferences for youth and adults, sponsored by the NFCYM.  She has served on the NFCYM Board and has attended NFCYM membership meetings where she serves on a variety of committees and task groups, most recently in the area of financial planning and management. Sister Eileen commitment, however, extends beyond the national level to the global scene. She has facilitated the involvement of youth and young adults in six World Youth Day gatherings and has traveled to Rwanda with Catholic Relief Services to participate in the Called to Witness Program.”
“Nationally recognized youth minister Mike Patin says, ‘Sister Eileen's service has been untiring. She has done all of it as a faithful member of her religious community, and that is doubly impressive to me. I'm sure she has had to convince her community that the roles she has undertaken were worth it. She has seen the underbelly of the structures of our Church and has volunteered to help shape and move these structures.’”
“Mary Harrison, who succeeded Sister Eileen as director of youth ministry in the Diocese of Albany, said: ‘Sister Eileen's gifts and talents are legendary among diocesan leaders, particularly her passion for social justice and her ability to see clearly and cut to the heart of any issue. Sister Eileen's true gift is her unwavering dedication for over three decades to the field of youth ministry. Her faithfulness is a beacon that lights the way for others and serves as a tremendous contribution to the profession of youth ministry on local, diocesan and national levels.’”
Congratulations, Sister Eileen McCann, CSJ!

Sister Eileen (center) at the award ceremony with Bob McCarty, executive director of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM)
and Carole Goodwin, chair of the NFCYM Board