Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2022

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Sister Patricia St. John, CSJ, Receives Honors

Sister Patricia St. John, CSJ, and Lori Custodero, Sister Patricia’s doctoral advisor at Columbia University, collaborated on a chapter in a book that was recently published. The book's title is "Listen to Their Voices: Research and Practice in Early Childhood Music (Smithrim & Upitis, eds.)." Sister Patricia and Lori's chapter is entitled "Actions Speak: Lessons Learned From the Systematic Observation of Flow Experience in Young Children's Music Making." The book is published by The Canadian Music Educators' Association National Office (Waterloo, ON, Canada) and is part of their series, "Research to Practice."

In addition, Sister Patricia presented a paper at The University of Delaware for a special research conference on Early Childhood Music Education, associated with Music Educators National Conference (January 15-17, 2009). Her paper, “Infants and Seniors Reflect Mutual Musical Discovery,” was part of a symposium entitled "Mirrors of Meaning: Studies of Mutuality and Influence in Musical Encounters Between Young Children and Adults." Sister Patricia’s study was yet another aspect of the intergenerational music class, held at Carondelet Music Center for infants and Senior Sisters. The paper was well received, and researchers in the audience were deeply moved by the Sisters' musical engagement with the infants.
Sister Patricia has been invited to contribute a chapter to a forthcoming book, "Dancing with the Muses," a cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT) approach to play, meaning-making and creativity. The book has been accepted for publication at Peter Lang Publishers. Her chapter will focus on early childhood music, discussing her on-going research which examines young children's meaning-making through free play with instruments.
Sister Patricia is executive director of Carondelet Music Center in Latham, and an adjunct professor of music education at Columbia University in New York.