Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2022

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Argentinean Colleague from Tel Aviv Visits Carondelet Music Center

Carondelet Music Center recently had a visiting professor from Israel observe Sister Patricia St. John’s early childhood music classes. Claudia Gluschankof, Ph.D., originally from Argentina and now professor of music education at Lewinsky College in Tel Aviv, Israel, is on sabbatical this year. Part of her sabbatical was spent in Spain, England, and now New York, at Columbia University. Claudia has been participating in Sister Patricia’s courses each Tuesday at Teachers’ College (TC) and when Sister Patricia invited Claudia to Albany, she enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to visit the Music Center.

Sister Patricia and Claudia got to know each other through the International Society of Music Education; they first met in Denmark (2002) and catch up on their friendship every other year during ISME’s biennial conferences: Barcelona, Spain (2004), Taipei, Taiwan (2006), and Bologna, Italy (2008). Claudia is the chair of the Early Childhood Music Commission, a specialized research branch of the ISME organization in which Sister Patricia holds membership.

Claudia observed two infant classes, two toddler classes, and a preschool class while visiting CMC. “It was great fun to have Claudia here,” said Sister Patricia. “It gave each of us an opportunity to discuss curriculum, teaching practice, and our mutually informed research on early childhood music-making and music-learning.” After the intergenerational music class involving infants, caregivers and senior sisters, Claudia commented: “It’s even more touching to see the interactions in person than the very moving video you showed in Italy.”
Sister Patricia, for her part, was deeply moved by Claudia’s video of Arab and Jewish Kindergarten music classes, which Claudia conducts as part of her research. She is classifying and coding children’s play behaviors during music free-play with instruments. She asked Sister Patricia for feedback. “I was thrilled to discuss this work with her since I am writing about three studies of young children’s instrument free-play which I have conducted over the past four years. Sharing results from our individual work was exciting as we discovered commonalities that seem organically generated in children’s culture specifically. As one who focuses on socio-cultural contexts in my own research, I was astounded by the complexity of social, cultural, and religious issues that define the Israeli kindergarten music classes.”
Claudia and Sister Patricia hope to collaborate on a paper using socio-cultural theory as the framework for young children’s instrument play. In addition, Claudia has invited Sister Patricia to be part of a symposium at the International Society of Music Education's biennial meeting in Beijing in 2010. Along with Sister Patricia and Claudia, the four other invited international participants come from Taiwan, Spain, Italy and England. They will submit a proposal on teacher preparation for pre-service and in-service for early childhood educators and early childhood music educators from the perspective of each respective country, discussing goals and philosophy for music education in early childhood programs. 

Claudia interacts with a class at Carondelet Music Center.

Sister Patricia and Claudia enjoy dinner and conversation about early childhood music.