Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2022

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New CSJ Associates Make Commitment

On June 15, 2009, the Sisters of St. Joseph and CSJ Associates welcomed five new associates. Judy Eaton, Dorothy Hathaway, Marge Mangan, Kathy Poupart and Ann Sally made their first commitment as associates during a Eucharistic Liturgy at St. Joseph’s Provincial House. Also, during the Liturgy, many more associates renewed their commitment for another year.

With Rev. Geoff Burke as presider and Sister Monica Murphy as homilist, the associates joined in celebration with Sisters of St. Joseph, family and friends. (Read Sister Monica's homily.) Provincial Leadership Team Member Sister Ann Christi Brink expressed the gratitude of the congregation to these men and women who live and work as the Sisters do in uniting all persons and all creation with God and with one another in God.

The new CSJ Associates promised to live according to the ideals and values of the Sisters of St. Joseph, to bring those values to their home and workplace and to join with the Sisters in transforming the world, according to the Gospel and with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Click here to view the slideshow of the Commitment Liturgy as Sisters of St. Joseph and CSJ Associates share the dream of bringing God’s unifying and reconciling love to a world in need.

New CSJ Associates (left to right) Ann Sally, Judy Eaton,
Marge Mangan, Dorothy Hathaway and Kathy Poupart