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Sister Joan Sauro, CSJ, Publishes Story in "America Magazine"

Congratulations to Sister Joan Sauro, CSJ (Sister Joan Stanislaus)! Sister Joan’s story, "Ready or Not ... My Uncommon Father," is published in the June 22-29, 2009 issue of America, a magazine published by the Jesuits of the United States. If you are not a subscriber to America, you may read a few paragraphs below of Sister Joan’s moving story, so fitting for Father’s Day and everyday. Then click on the America icon to finish the story!

Ready or Not … My Uncommon Father by Sister Joan Sauro, CSJ
“In our family album there is a picture of my Aunt Nell with Baby Richard on her lap, sitting at our kitchen table. If it weren’t for the photograph, I would scarcely believe that they and my Uncle Sam lived with us when I was 8. Presumably our two families cooked and ate together, washed and hung clothes on common lines, went shopping at the A&P, swam at Lewis Park and cooled ourselves on lawn chairs under the front shade tree. But I have no recollection of any of this, although a photograph verifies the shade tree. Nor do I remember my aunt crying of loneliness up in the back bedroom my parents gave them—only my mother’s telling me many years later that Aunt Nell was homesick for the Ireland she had left as a war bride.”
“All I remember of my Uncle Sam is the sight of him from the back, as he walked in his white shirt and dress pants down our front steps and past the shade tree on his way to night work at the telegraph company. In the yard he passed through the mountains of hard yellow dirt and rocks that my father dug and hauled, box by box, out of our cellar.”
“My father came home from the factory to work in the cellar, essentially a crawl space, while my uncle went to the telegraph office, and we children played hide and seek in the hills my father heaped outside our house. Over the months the mountains grew, the chasms deepened, and we discovered better ways to hide from each other. One lone voice cried loud and clear: “Apple, peaches, pumpkin pie, who’s not ready, holler I.”
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