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CSJ Associates Receive Civic Award

Two CSJ Associates from the Amsterdam-Schenectady group were honored recently. MaryAnn Dignazio Louison and Dolores (Dee) Muselbeck were honored September 25, 2009, at The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce VIP Appreciation Celebration.

Mary Ann won the award for Employee of the Year for a Non-Profit Group, and Dee won the award for Community Volunteer of the Year.
During the presentation of awards, MaryAnn was recognized with the following: "Her many acts of generosity, her years of service to Catholic Charities and Montgomery County's communities and her compassion to help others is truly inspiring and remarkable."
Dee's award reads: "Her mission in life is to serve and she does unconditionally with a quiet and gentle manner. The people whom Dee has touched, helped and inspired would be too many to count."
Congratulations, MaryAnn and Dee!
To learn more about the CSJ Associate Program, click on the photo of Dee and MaryAnn!

Dee Muselbeck (left) and MaryAnn Dignazio Louison at the Awards Dinner