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Sister Patricia A. St. John, CSJ, Publishes in Text Book

Congratulations to Sister Patricia A. St. John, executive director of Carondelet Music Center, Latham, NY, and adjunct professor of music education at Teachers College, Columbia University! Sister Patricia has written a chapter for the newly published textbook, Critical Issues in Music Education: Contemporary Theory and Practice. The textbook, edited by Hal Abeles and Lori Custodero, both professors at Teachers College, was published by Oxford University Press.

Sister Patricia's chapter, entitled "The Learner in Community," gives a brief historical overview of the social aspects of learning such as cooperative learning, open classrooms, mutual learning culture and communities of learners. Sister Patricia discusses a number of theories (Social Learning Theory, Vygotskian Theory, Flow, and Zajonc Cognitive/Affect Interface) and links those theories to learning strategies (imitation, guided participation, scaffolding, and collaboration). In addition, Sister Patricia explores communities of music learning: the Studio, Music Ensembles, General Music Classrooms and such settings as Carondelet Music Center, using her own research to ground her discussion.
In the words of Oxford University Press, "This edited volume is designed primarily as an introductory graduate text or capstone undergraduate text for music-education students, providing an in-depth examination of critical issues for early-career music educators. Most undergraduate music-teacher education focuses on developing the skills and understandings necessary to become a practitioner; this text, however, links theory to teaching practice and offers a variety of perspectives to give music teachers the comprehensive grounding they need to become leaders in the field. Rather than focusing on answers to what-to-do questions, Critical Issues in Music Education focuses on why questions through examining underpinnings for the field and encouraging teacher inquiry."
"Each of the eight contributing authors has unique expertise and experience as a practicing music teacher and music-teacher educator, yet the authors share a common background: each is either a faculty member or a graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University. Consequently, the text is grounded in current educational theory and practice, informed by the authors' work in the field with both music teachers and P-12 students, and linked by a commitment to progressive education. The authors include discussion starters, project ideas, and suggested readings at the end of each chapter. Offering contemporary perspectives on music education, Critical Issues in Music Education provides a foundation for understanding the complexities, challenges, and rewards of music teaching across diverse contexts."
Reviews of Critical Issues in Music Education include the following:
"The best of the best writers contribute to this book which is highly worthwhile and inviting. It contains a wealth of ideas and experience from the most respected experts in the field of music education."
"The authors challenge us (students and faculty) to think anew about issues that we may have considered settled."
"Designed for upper-level undergraduate and introductory graduate courses, Critical Issues in Music Education provides beginning music educators with comprehensive grounding in research-based practice. It also gives more experienced teachers new lenses to help them innovate, interpret and lead in their profession."
ISBN-13: 9780195388152; ISBN-10: 019388151; October 2009
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