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Ser y de Actuar en Comunion (Being and Acting in Communion)

by Sister Jeanne Marie Gocha, CSJ

The Acts of Congregational Chapter 2007 of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet called us “to be and act together in new ways as one Congregation.” The acts further recommended that we “initiate and advance conversations and activities among members, associates and partners in ministry across the Congregation. We do this in order to strengthen our experiences of Communion and to deepen self understanding, the expression of our mission and the structures of the evolving congregation.” (Acts of Congregational Chapter Recommendations)

In this spirit, Sister Maria Rubina, director of the vice province of Peru, invited the members of the Congregational Vocation/Formation Teams to hold their annual meeting in Peru in September 2009. This gathering marked the first time the vice province has hosted a congregational meeting. At the Casa Central in Lima, Sisters Rosario Bobadilla (St. Louis), Anne Davis (Los Angeles), Francine Costello (Congregational Leadership Team), Jeanne Marie Gocha (Albany), Eva Messina (Hawaii), Angela Pacheco (Los Angeles) and Jill Underdahl (St. Paul) joined with Sisters Maria Rubina, Sally Harper, Zaida Perez and Gloria Zapata of Peru for a deep and lively exchange of ideas and conversation on issues regarding vocation/formation ministry throughout the congregation. The time also provided many opportunities to gather and share meals, and conversation and good times with our Peruvian sisters, most especially with our younger sisters in formation both at the Casa Central and the formation house in Canto Chico. 
Coming together as one congregation was enriching for both formators and women in formation. 
To read the reflections of the participants, click below:  
Ser y de Actuar en Comunión (Being and Acting in Communion)

Congregational Formation Group from the United States: Sisters Francine Costello, Jill Underdahl, Rosario Bobadilla, Angela Pacheco, Eva Mesina, Anne Davis, Jeanne Marie Gocha

Women in Formation (standing) Sister Zaida Perez (director), Sister Martha Alverez, Sister Rosa Luz Condo, Sister Sonia Palomino, Senaida Jarro, Sister Mary Luz Salazar, Sister Nancy Chisi; (kneeling) Sisters Maritza Jarro and Mery Sonco

Sisters at the Center House: (back row) Sisters Martha Álvarez, Rosa Luz Condo, Sonia Palomino, María Rubina; (front row) Sisters María Vasquez, María Schuh, María Dolores Muñoz, Betty Conrad