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Sister Joan Sauro, CSJ, Publishes Short Story in Commonweal.

Saving Women, a short story by Sister Joan Sauro, CSJ, was published in the March 12, 2010, issue of Commonweal (Vol. CXXXVII, num. 5).

Sister Joan is the author of several books, including Things Lost in Need of Finding; Lollipop Trees and Rectangle Sidewalks; Whole Earth Meditation: Ecology for the Spirit; Inner Marathon: Diary of a Jogging Nun; and, most recently, Does God Ever Sleep? (Skylight Paths)
In addition, Sister Joan has published over 100 poems and short stories in magazines and newspapers throughout the world. She was awarded two fellowships in fiction, one from CAPS and the other from the New York Foundation for the Arts, and received a Best Story of the Year Award from the Catholic Press Association. Sister Joan’s story, Battlegrounds, was included in The Best Catholic Writing 2007 (Loyola Press).
Sister Joan conducts writing programs for children and adults in schools, libraries, colleges, private homes, church halls and retreat centers.
We have included, for your enjoyment, the first few paragraphs of Saving Women, Sister Joan’s recently published story. Click on the icon below to read the entire story!
Saving Women by Sister Joan Sauro, CSJ

This story begins in a rose garden and a liquor store. From there it journeys to a crumbling English manor, a well appointed Russian boudoir, and a suburban home not too distant from my own. Spanning two centuries, two novels and our family album, the tale that unfolds is a timeless one, like the women at its core, like the need for mercy.
This is the story of three women who lives intersect. One asks for life, days enough to see her son graduate. Another asks, not for life, but for mercy. Having grown old on vengeance, a third woman is unable to give mercy, and so finds it withheld from her.
It is said that at some point in our lives, the journey becomes more important than the arrival. I am not at that point. I have every hope that one day all of us will arrive at the house where mercy dwells.
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