Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2022

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Sister Paula Matthew Browne Publishes Book

Something wonderful surely happened on Saint Joseph's Day this year! Some time ago, Sister Paula Matthew Browne was inspired to write a series of twelve tales which appeared first to her as images--not surprising for a visual artist. On the surface, The Indigo Wizard: The Awakening Tales is a wonderful book to read with children, but within each tale, one can discover a wealth of spiritual insight. Paula says that the tales are fables that read like fairy tales; they express some of the deepest spiritual principles that are available to us.

The tales are highly symbolic and multi-leveled in their meaning. For adult readers who desire deeper experience, the tales must be worked with and lived with to realize truly the spiritual riches they offer.
After a first reading, Sister Paula's friend, Marilyn Gustin, a noted spiritual writer with a doctorate in Spiritual Transformational Processes, was enthusiastic about the potential for spiritual growth contained in the tales. At Sister Paula's invitation, Marilyn wrote an accompanying guide which presents the universal symbolism within each tale.
Collaboration is highly valued by Sister Paula in all areas of life. Thus, in addition to Marilyn's work, Sister Paula approached Ann Krupski with the possibility of composing music for the tales. Ann was thrilled and set to work. The twelve unique compositions that resulted are enhanced with narration by Kazzrie Jaxen, a professional actress and musician.
After more than three years of working and waiting, Sister Paula was informed on St. Joseph's Day, 2010 that the books had arrived at the publisher, ready for distribution!
On the same day, Ann received a call that her CDs were waiting for her. This wonderful confluence of events seems a direct blessing from our patron, St. Joseph!
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Sister Paula Matthew Browne and Ann Krupski

The book cover of "The Awakening Tales"