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Albany Presbyteral Council Sends Statement of Appreciation for Sisters of the Diocese

On May 5, 2010, the Province Leadership Team received the following statement, sent by Rev. Kenneth J. Doyle, chancellor for public information, for the Albany (NY) Diocese. With the statement was a letter in which Father Doyle wrote:

“On behalf of Bishop Hubbard, I want you to have a copy of this statement of affirmation, endorsed by the Presbyteral Council at its last meeting. The statement reflects Bishop Hubbard’s deep appreciation for your valued work and prayerful spirit.”
April 2010
As the Council of Priests of the Diocese of Albany, we wish to commend the Women Religious in America as the 300-year history of women religious in the United States is commemorated. During this Year for Priests, we have become more aware of our debt of gratitude to the many women who support and work with us as partners in ministry.
These remarkable women, as disciples, have been responsible for establishing schools, educating the immigrants, establishing hospitals to care for the sick, social networks for the poor and marginalized and involving themselves in direct service to the poor and in works of justice and peace.
In our diocese, the many sisters living and working in our parishes, diocesan offices and a variety of institutions bring the gift of woman's experience and perspective. They have helped us to achieve a greater balance in our vision, judgments and planning as we are challenged in ministry together.
We, the priests of the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese, are grateful for their counsel and active roles in ministry with us. Many of us have been guided, inspired and encouraged toward priesthood by these courageous women and have received collaborative support from them in our ministry. Our lives continue to be challenged and witnessed to by their faithfulness to a lifestyle of simplicity and prayer.
It is with profound gratitude to God and to these women that we affirm and express our appreciation for their part in the mission of Jesus Christ and in the proclamation of the Kingdom of God in the Diocese of Albany. We commit ourselves to respecting and honoring the testimony of their lives and to encouraging other women to follow in their footsteps and traditions. May the commemoration of their 300-year history in our country be a living testimony to their outstanding conviction of faith and dedication to the Church in the United States of America.