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Sisters and CSJ Associates Gather for Ho'olaule'a Experience

On August 10-13, 2010, thirty-five Sisters of St. Joseph from the Albany, St. Paul, Los Angeles and St. Louis Provinces are gathering at St. Joseph’s Provincial House in Latham, New York, for Ho'olaule'a. 

Ho’olaule'a is a four-day experience, inviting sisters, associates, consociates, ‘ohana and Familia de San José (ACOF) from throughout the congregation to celebrate together and move toward deeper communion with one another. With a program of conversations and activities, the gathering will provide participants with ample opportunity for extending relationships with and within our congregation. The event will provide a mixture of time for leisure, ritual, prayer and presentations, centered on our 2007 Acts of Chapter, with extended time for the casual, unstructured conversations and interactions that are essential to building and maintaining relationships.
Ho'olaule'a experiences have already occurred this summer in Los Angeles (June 11-14), St. Paul (July 19-22) and St. Louis (July 25-28).
Congregational gatherings of Sisters of St. Joseph, such as Ho'olaule'a, are a priority for the Sisters of St. Joseph as they provide opportunities for Sisters and CSJ Associates to pray, share and have fun together, locally within each unit as well as congregationally.
Ho'olaule'a is a Hawaiian word meaning “a gathering to connect in joyful celebration, to unite in joy.” “Ho'o” means the process of moving toward one another; “laule'a” signifies a joyful celebration of sharing food, dance, games, uniting and connecting in a festive atmosphere.
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