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Sister Patricia Grasso's Research on New Obesity Drug To Be Discussed at Conference

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Sister Patricia Grasso, CSJ, PhD, associate professor at Albany Medical College, will give a presentation on the "Effects of Mouse [D-Leu-4]-OB3, the First Orally Bioavailable Anti-Obesity/Anti-Diabetes Peptide Drug Candidate, on Energy Balance, Glycemic Control, and Bone Turnover, in C57BL/6J Wild-Type and Leptin-Deficient Mice" at the 5th Biological Therapeutics Research and Development Conference to be held in San Francisco, CA, on October 20-22, 2010, by GTCbio as part of the 6th Annual Modern Drug Discovery and Development Summit.

In her presentation, Sister Patricia will present data where after orally administering mouse [D-Leu-4]-OB3 in Intravail®, body weight gain, food and water intake, and blood glucose was reduced. She will discuss how the peptide drug candidate is feasible, has significant effects on body weight gain, food and water intake, glycemic control, and bone turnover, may have potential as an alternative therapy in the treatment of human obesity and T2DM, and may prevent or reverse at least some of the bone loss associated with osteoporosis, anorexia nervosa, cancer and other wasting diseases.
Dr. Grasso continues her research in reproductive endocrinology, utilizing solid phase peptide synthesis to isolate the hormone binding, calcium binding and G-protein activation domains of the rat testicular FSH receptor. Shortly after the discovery of leptin and identification of the gene mutation responsible for the obese phenotype, Sister Patricia turned her expertise in solid phase peptide synthesis to isolation of the functional epitope(s) of mouse leptin, and development of a leptin-like analog with potential usefulness in the treatment of human obesity and its associated metabolic dysfunctions.
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