Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2022

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Sister Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ, Publishes New Book

Sister Anne Bryan Smollin. CSJ, has published a new book, entitled “Making each Moment Count: 21 Reflections on a Fulfilled Life.” The book has been released by New City Press (48 pages, ISBN # 978-1565483675).

According to the publishing company’s website: “Some psychologists claim that it takes 21 days to change a habit or establish a behavior. Isn’t it worth 21 days’ effort to become more grounded in the moment and capable of living fully and enjoying life with others and with God? Smollin wrote this small book to help readers discover who they truly are and foster an awareness of all the blessings that surround them. Within the ordinariness of daily life readers can find graces clothed in the surprise and wonder of the beauty and blessings around them. (The book includes black-and-white photographs by the author.)”

Sister Anne Bryan has lectured worldwide on humor, wellness and spirituality. An educator and psychologist, Sister Anne Bryan serves as Executive Director of Counseling for Laity in Albany, New York and on many boards and committees.
In addition to her newest book, Sister Anne Bryan has published several other inspirational books, including the following:
Wings for the Soul: 99 Sayings on Happiness
Tickle Your Soul
God Knows You’re Stressed
Live, Laugh and Be Blessed