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2011 Sister Jubilarians Share 2,195 Years of Service

On Saturday, March 19, 2011, forty (40) Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet will mark 75, 70, 60, 50 and 25 years of religious life at a liturgical and community celebration at Saint Joseph's Provincial House in Latham, New York. The following are the jubilarians for 2011! (A name in parenthesis indicates a Sister’s former name.)
75th Anniversary
Sister Robertine Flaherty
Sister Therese Lynch
Sister Helen Eugene McNally
Sister Mary Joan Newell
Sister Lois Marie Sivero
70th Anniversary
Sister Julianne Gleason
Sister Barbara Hesler
Sister Mary Alfred Holdredge
60th Anniversary
Sister Francis Anne Gilchrist
Sister Mary Brigada Lombardi
Sister Joan Thomas McNerney
Sister Monica Agnes Nortz
Sister Mary Rehfuss (Sister Mary Dismas)
Sister Natalie Marie Slake
50th Anniversary
Sister Ann Marie Ball (Sister William Ann)
Sister Mary Raphael Barry
Sister Maria Bouleris (Sister Maria Albert)
Sister Janet Marie Cavanaugh (Sister Miriam George)
Sister Elizabeth Costanzo (Sister Lawrence Louise)
Sister Catherine Joseph Croghan
Sister Mary Louise Dolan (Sister Bernard Eileen)
Sister Elizabeth Ann Emery (Sister Margaret Frederick)
Sister Mary Ann Fetcho (Sister Catherine Stephen)
Sister Karen Theresa Gaube
Sister John Joseph Gilligan
Sister Patricia Grasso (Sister John Damien)
Sister Anne Catherine Gratton (Sister Catherine Wilfred)
Sister Nancy Gregg
Sister Phyllis Ann Mauger (Sister Martin Patrick)
Sister Katherine McPeak (Sister Marion Patrick)
Sister Monica Murphy (Sister Sean Marie)
Sister Rosemary Reilly (Sister Edwin Marie)
Sister Esther Thomas Sexton
Sister Anne Bryan Smollin
Sister Mary Alice St. John (Sister Florence John)
Sister Teresa Walsh (Sister Maria Bernard)
Sister Sharon Ann Whellahan (Sister John Michael)
Sister Agnes Leo Winkle
25th Anniversary
Sister Christine M. Pologa
Sister Diane Zigo
We share the joy of the celebration and the awe of God’s utter faithfulness!
To view photographs of the 2011 Sister of St. Joseph Jubilarians, click HERE and scroll to the bottom!