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Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Gather in St. Louis, MO, to Celebrate 175 Years in the United States.

On July 7-8, 2011, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet gathered at the Carondelet Motherhouse in St. Louis, MO, to celebrate 175 years since the arrival of our first Sisters from France. 

Approximately 400 Sisters of St. Joseph and CSJ Associates joined together to celebrate the beloved, inspiring and prophetic women who led and mentored on our journey us thus far; to give thanks to God for our mission and all we have become; to deepen our relationships and collaborations in mission with each other for the generations to come; and to have a good time and energize our future mission as we do! 

The event included prayer rituals and Eucharistic celebrations; conversations on deepening communion with God, one another, the Church, the world and the Earth; a banquet, a picnic and social gatherings; and a public-witness-to-action event on immigration.
In preparation for the public-witness event, Sisters and CSJ Associates reflected on our own Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet—those who emigrated from France to St. Louis to begin our congregation in the United States as well as those who migrated from the United States to Japan, Peru, Chile, Central America and Uganda. Sisters and CSJ Associates then wrote their stories about experiences with immigration. The stories were displayed during the event. Participants at the event as well as Sisters of St. Joseph around the world were invited to join in prayer on July 8 with the witness event for a more humane and just quality of life for all immigrants. In addition, President Obama received a letter describing the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and thanking him for his campaign pledge, calling for more comprehensive immigration reform. In addition, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in Japan, Peru, Chile, Central America and Uganda were invited to use their packets to bring attention to the plight of migrants in their locations. Sister Griselda Martinez Morales, who is the Sisters of St. Joseph NGO representative at the United Nations, spoke to the group about the issues facing the immigrant community today.
For the prayer and reflection, Sisters and CSJ Associates reflected on the women who inspired them to join the community; the women who have been and are their mentors; the women who have challenged them to live the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph; the women who have called them to reconciliation, to leadership, to speaking out prophetically; and the women who have helped them to know and live and love the community, the CSJ mission of loving God and neighbor without distinction and the chapter call “to deepen communion in the world to the seventh generation to come.”
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Profundizando la Comunion con la séptima generacion...
Reiteki Majiwai o oku-fukaku surunoni Nana sedai...
Deepening Communion to the Seventh Generation