Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2022

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Shaker Pointe at Carondelet Goes "Green"!

If you are in the area, you can see that construction continues to move forward on Shaker Pointe at Carondelet, our innovative community for independent senior living, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, and located on Delatour Road in Watervliet, NY. While many of us have been able to witness the changes in the exterior of the building, we can assure you that the interior looks very different each week. The workers are installing heating and air-conditioning units, electric lines, wall structures and plaster board. The scheduling is move forward on Phase II as planned.

Since the initial planning of Shaker Pointe, we have expressed our desire to build “green,” that is, to use products and processes that would reflect our value for protection of the environment. Within the last three years, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has issued regulations to provide LEED certification for homes. This process involves special testing of the heating and ventilating systems, checking for air flow and leakage into the environment, the type of materials used and the manner in which the “left-over” material is used, as well as the type of appliances, toilet fixtures and lighting system. While this certification was not possible in the cottage and courtyard areas because of the timing of the procedures, every effort has been made to assure that the Carriage Building (15 units now completed) and the independent-living unit (Doane Brook with 69 units) will meet these standards.

Our project team has been very cooperative in this process. The architects have designed the building and finishings (carpet, paint, etc.) in keeping with this value. The construction team has gathered the subcontractors at each stage and shared the practices we needed to have been in place to build green. They were instructed in the critical areas of ventilating, insulation, air, floor and disposal of unused materials in recycling bins.

You can imagine our excitement to receive five-star-plus energy ratings for the recently completed Carriage Building. We are waiting to learn the level of LEED certification we will receive for this building and anticipate receiving at least a silver rating. We will announce the news once we have received it!

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The Carriage Building is complete!

Construction on The Pointe moves full speed ahead!