Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2022

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Sister Kathleen Heffron, CSJ, Receives Cortland County Citizen-of-the-Year Award

Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet Kathleen Heffron, CSJ, was named 2013 Cortland County Senior Citizen of the Year at the Area Agency on Aging’s Older American’s Reception on May 16 in Cortland.

Sister Kathleen was honored for her outstanding ministry, serving Cincinnatus and the surrounding areas at Cortland-Chenango Rural Services for the past 25 years.

Among many other services, Rural Services provides a food pantry and clothing closet for those in need; connects people with other needed services; hosts a Farmers’ Market and a school-supply drive; offers counseling services through Family Counseling Services; and networks with area churches, schools and the area’s medical clinic in providing services.

When Sister Kathleen received the award, she said to the assembled group: “This is obviously a total surprise! I will tell you that the reason I am here [receiving this award] is because of the 65 senior-citizen volunteers with me.” Of Sister Kathleen and her staff and volunteers, Dave Fuller, Cortland County legislator who covers the Cincinnatus area, said: “If you have a problem, they will work to get it solved.”

Of Sister Kathleen, Volunteer Brenda Comolli said: “Sister Kathleen does the visitation of people. Cincinnatus is very rural. It’s out there, but it is also very close knit. Sister Kathleen sees the needs and acts on them where some of us may see the needs but not know how to meet them.”

One of the nominees summed it up: “Sister Kathleen gives and gives without expecting anything in return, the mark of a true Christian.”

Congratulations, Sister Kathleen!