Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2022

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Wisdom Sisters Respond to Questions for Chapter Reflection

In preparation for our Congregational Chapter 2013, held in Los Angeles, CA, from July 17-July 31, each province (Los Angeles, Albany, St. Louis and St. Paul) and each vice province (Hawaii and Peru) identified some sisters as “Wisdom Sisters.” The task of the Wisdom Sisters was to respond to the following questions:

“As you reflect on your years as a young member of the community, what did you NEVER expect to be experiencing/living as a Sister of St. Joseph today?  What gives you joy and sustains you?”

We are delighted to present for you the responses of some of our Albany-Province Wisdom Sisters which were used in part of the prayer and reflection at Chapter!

Sister Francis Patricia Degnan, age 95

Sister Rosemary Hock, age 81

Sister Rose Margaret Noonan, age 95

Sister Madeline Powers, age 83

Sister Dorothy Root, age 87

Sister Rose Regina Smith, age 85

Sister Anne Tranelli, age 84

Click HERE to read and/or listen to the wonderful responses from our Wisdom Sisters!