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43 Sisters Celebrate 50, 60, 70 and 80 Years as Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Jubilarians Share 2,520 Years of Service

On Saturday, March 15, 2014, forty-three (43) Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet will celebrate 80, 70, 60 and 50 years of religious life at a liturgical and community celebration at Saint Joseph's Provincial House in Latham. The following are the jubilarians for 2014 who share 2,520 years of service as Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. (A name in parenthesis indicates a Sister’s former name.)

80th Anniversary
S. Dorothy Austikolins (S. Dorothy Frances)
S. Catherine Schuyler (S. John Emmanuel)

70th Anniversary
S. Elizabeth Jean Allard (S. Elizabeth John)
S. Anne Lawrence Clark
S. Catherine M. Crispo (Miriam Frances)
S. Theresa Fournier
S. Mary Lois Goldner
S. Jeanne Kelly (S. Jeanne Monica)
S. Anne Michael Mirabito
S. Dorothy Root (S. Amelia Joseph)
S. M. Catharine Ryan (S. John Francis)
S. John Loretta Sinnott

60th Anniversary
S. Sara Cannon
S. Bernice Anne Carroll
S. Celine Courtney (S. Celine John)
S. Helene Courtney (S. Helene Daniel)
S. Mary Ellen Curtin (S. Marie Adele)
S. Ruth Cecilia Dowd
S. Patricia Ann Gibson (S. Marie Frederick)
S. Frances Celine MacFarland
S. Maria Aloysius Schuh
S. Rose Regina Smith
S. Dolores Stevens (S. Margaret Philomena)

50th Anniversary
S. Katherine Arseneau (S. Christopher Helene)
S. Danielle Bonetti
S. Paula Matthew Browne
S. Lisa Cirillo (S. Lisa James)
S. Kathleen Connor (S. Michael Therese)
S. Concetta Cuscianna (S. Michael Damian)
S. Helen Dolores Hart (S. John Helene)
S. Mary Anne Heenan (S. James Laurene)
S. Mary Lourdes Howe
S. Margaret Ann Keddell (S. Francis Irene)
S. Rosanne Klosterman
S. Maureen Mastine (S. Bernadette John)
S. Joy Marie Milos (S. Ancilla Therese)
S. Ranah Thomas Phelan
S. Jacqueline Power (S. Marguerite James)
S. Mary Anne Rodgers (S. Richard Anne)
S. Mary Johanna Ryan (S. Robert Ellen)
S. Mary Ellen Schopfer (S. Ann Charles)
S. Karen Ann Shults (S. David Marie)
S. Patricia Mary Woolheater (S. Martin Theresa)

Twelve of the jubilarians are native to the Albany Diocese while 24 are native to the Syracuse Diocese. Seven jubilarians were born in the following dioceses: Baltimore, MD; Brooklyn, NY; Ogdensburg, NY (2); Boston, MA; Cincinnati, OH; and Worcester, MA. This year’s jubilarians have brought God’s Word to every part of the Albany and Syracuse Dioceses, to Plattsburgh, Brooklyn and the Bronx, to Hawaii and Peru, and to Missouri, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, California, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Washington, Tennessee, Iowa, Michigan and Connecticut.

This year’s jubilarians include teachers in elementary and secondary schools and college; nurses; child-care workers; artists; hospital chaplains; social workers; outreach workers; office workers; spiritual directors; religious educators; parish ministers; pastoral associates; parish-life directors; community leaders; community in-service workers; administrators of all kinds; counselors; a physical therapist; a funeral director; a sculptor; a home-health aide; a house parent; a hospice chaplain; a cemetery family representative; an educational consultant; and a jail minister.

This year’s jubilarians do, indeed, give meaning to the command of our co-founder, Jean Pierre Médaille, SJ: “to perform all the spiritual and corporal works of mercy of which woman is capable and which will most benefit the dear neighbor.”

Congratulations, 2014 CSJ Jubilarians! Thank you for your faitfulness to God's call to be a Sister of St. Joseph!

Click HERE and scroll down to see a slideshow of this year's jubilarians!

Altar design by Sister Marguerite Tierney, CSJ