Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2022

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Sister Maureen Denn, CSJ, Receives Healthcare Hall of Distinction Lifetime Achievement Award

At the 13th annual Celebrate Healthcare Recognition, sponsored by The Genesis Group and The Medical Societies, SISTER MAUREEN DENN, CSJ, was awarded the "Healthcare Hall of Distinction Lifetime Achievement Award."

The citation honoring Sister Maureen, reads:

"For more than 60 years, Sister Maureen Denn has been a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, serving as a teacher and a hospital chaplain. A Utica native, she taught at schools in Syracuse, Albany, Utica, Troy, Amsterdam and Saratoga Springs before moving to Binghamton to be an outreach coordinator for a Catholic parish. As her parents aged, she came back home to be near them and spent 30 years as a chaplain at Faxton and St. Luke's Hospitals.

"Over the years, Sister Maureen has given support to both families and hospital staff members, involving critical discussions regarding organ and tissue donation. She has consoled people during the deaths of their family members and often remained with the family for the next 24 hours, providing emotional support. On a daily basis, she made rounds in the hospital, listening to patients' and families' stories and helping them with their needs. Sister was sought out as a wise and confidential counselor by many employees throughout the hospital.

"In 2012, Sister Maureen 'retired' from her chaplain position. She went to work for McGrath, Myslinski, Karboski and Nunn Funeral Directors in Utica as a part-time bereavement counselor. In addition, she adjusted to not being in the hospital 40+ hours each week by volunteering at the Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare Imaging Center in the Utica Business Park. But, within six months, she was back at Faxton where she volunteers three days a week for four hours at a time at the Cancer Center reception desk. She greets people who enter and helps them get where they need to go, frequently walking them to the area herself, Often she consoles them and listens to their stories as well.

"Since she started in September 2012, Sister Maureen has volunteered over 2,500 hours at the Faxton Campus of Mohawk Valley Health System.  In addition, many times she has left her own home to comfort someone very ill and the family members, regardless of location, facility or religious preference.

“Sister Maureen’s work and life have touched many thousands of people across our region and beyond."

Congratulations, Sister Maureen, on living so well the call of the Sisters of St. Joseph "to perform all the spiritual and corporal works of which woman is capable” and “to serve the dear neighbor without distinction"!