Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2022

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Sisters Sing: A Concert of Gratitude Held at the Provincial House

Yesterday, November 25, was our long anticipated “Sisters Sing: A concert of Gratitude,” held at the Provincial House. After months of practice, the Sisters processed in to a standing-room only crowd of approximately 800 attendees!

Directed by Ann Marie Krupski, liturgical planner, pianist and choir director at the Provincial House, and accompanied by Sister Patricia St. John, the Sisters sang selections from religious, classical and contemporary music with a few numbers in which attendees sang along. In between selections, Sister narrators introduced the pieces and intertwined a history of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The Sisters were delighted to be joined by guest performer Kelly Bird.

The concert was an expression of the deep gratitude from the Sisters to all our friends, family, associates, neighbors, benefactors and partners in ministry. Thanks to all who came and all who performed!

Click HERE Enjoy the photo slideshow which conveys the happiness of the day!